Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, and everyone should have at least one! On Monday, we had a visitor - a Tongan gentleman, an ex gangster, drug-addicted wife beating thug who has been transformed and turned upside down and inside out by meeting Jesus. He is heading down to Wellington to start a missional community amongst the most needy there.
The previous weekend, I met plenty of people in Dunedin who are potential heroes. They know that the struggling church needs much more than cosmetic change - it needs completely re-imagining and reforming. Seeing the need makes potential heroes - addressing the need makes actual heroes.
As Church Army in New Zealand undergoes a re-visioning process, I hope and pray we will have the wisdom to see what we must become, and the courage to allow God to transform us.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Paradise found

Sometimes I can hardly cope with how good my life is. I utterly love being in New Zealand, I love the challenge of my job; it is an honour to work alongside my Church Army colleagues; the community I live in is astonishing; the large family who share my home are an immense blessing; the pukekos who share our neighbourhood are a source of constant amusement...I could go on and on.

Today I walked with Monika along Oakley Creek which runs through our community - it is stunningly beautiful. Suddenly we unexpectedly came across a waterfall, straight out of a Pacific Island tourist brochure - but here it was, 10 minutes walk from our home! Is it possible for life to be so good we cannot bear it? Well right here, right now,my life is THAT GOOD! All I can do is humbly say "thank you Jesus".