Wednesday, September 1, 2010

He's Coming

After a year back in England completing his University degree, our son Michael joins us in less than 48 hours. It seems a very long time since we last saw him, mainly because it is! Words cannot really describe the excitement which has ebbed around the Clark household as we have counted down the days.
As a father awaiting the arrival of his much loved Son, I can almost imagine the reunion in heaven after Jesus ascended. The hugs, tears maybe, then the walks and conversations, as Jesus told his Dad all about his 33 years on planet earth. Finally the conversation turns to the future - "Dad, is there really no plan B, you know, if the disciples mess up?." "oh they will, and no there isn't."
The liturgy we sometimes use at Kodesh contains the line "we are enough to be the church." There is no Plan B. God's people on earth, weak, foolish and mistake-prone though we are, are the delight of heaven. We are enough!