Sunday, August 14, 2011

Much ado

A modern day parable. We have a little solar flower, which sits near one of our big French windows, soaking up the sun, and for most of nearly every day it is a minor flurry of activity, with leaves and flower moving constantly in a pleasingly un-coordinated manner!
During a time of prayer today, Monika rightly observed that our little solar flower is symbolic of much of church life, and our own. We soak up energy from the Son, and respond by producing a flurry of un-coordinated activity - which, just like our little flower, produces absolutely nothing. Being active but producing nothing is what the flower is supposed to do - and achieving this gets the flower noticed, as it taps irritatingly against its plastic flower pot.
I shall remember that flower each day, and pray that I may be saved from such unproductive activity, designed to attract attention but to produce nothing. I shall take the flower to meetings, to help save us from such a fate. I shall share this parable with anyone who will listen. And in doing so my unproductive solar flower will bless others in spite of itself - as God, in His mercy, enables me to do.